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Receive And Manage All Your Orders Without Hastle

What we offer:

We help retailers build an online storefront for smartphones and enable their customers to order online

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With the fast evolving technology where businesses now managed from Mobile, we offer a Mobile driven platform with an option of web called Go Digital”, for the store owner to manage his business and orders

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Online Ordering

Apps available both at ioS & Playstore with following features

Catalog Management

includes csv catalog uploads, price changes, discounts, categories etc

Inventory Management

includes csv inventory uploads, inventory checks and adjustments, reports and analytics

Store Management

manage multiple stores within a single business with a separate catalog per store. Reports and analytics per store and across all stores

Access Control

Manage your employees effectively by giving each respective roles and accessibility

QR Code

For managing contactless orders and confirming delivery

Mobile POS

We offer a Mobile POS with inbuilt thermal printer and camera for QR Code scanning

Status Updates

Notify customers and vendors on status updates for orders using WhatsApp, SMS, and Email

Delivery Tracking’s

All updates from dispatch to delivered to order confirmation will be handled easily on the application


Communicate with customers through your WhatsApp and SMS Communication integrated through the retailer’s mobile number

Advanced Analytics

Download reports on customers, how fast products are moving, expiry date etc. besides that with details of team members

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