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Retail Ordering

Retail Ordering is a product of a Hyderabad based start-up Totely India Private Limited, with co-founders based out of USA & India and looking forward for a global footprints. We strive to offer an opportunity to small/medium & large businesses to be able to manage business from Mobile and Enable Digital Business Commerce. TOTELY India Pvt Ltd is recognized as a Startup, by the Department of Promotion and Internal Trade and registered under MSME, Government of India

Retail ordering solution is specially designed product for retailers, who are looking to offer their customers a mobile ordering experience and to manage their business from mobile.

Retail Ordering is to encourage retailers create a Hyperlocal ecosystem where by bringing the offline business of retailers to an online business and offering customers the experience of mobile ordering.

​Currently witnessing the emergence of the missing piece of the puzzle—a shift in the consumer mind-set, retailers need to be considering the use of location-based technology to improve their customers’ experiences, drive revenue and increase operational efficiency.

Business Model

Retail Ordering is a subscription based model, where by retailers need not invest on technology but offer their customer’s latest technology by offering their store branded mobile ordering experience are business model maintain complete transparency and flexibility of integrating with 3rd party payment gateway, thus we encourage retailers to receive payment directly to their bank accounts and if needed can be integrated to a 3rd party delivery also.

Based on commitments monthly/quarterly & annual commitments we charge anywhere between 1.0% – 2% of the sales transaction on retail ordering platform.

So we offer 2 mobile applications which are available both on iOS & Play store

is the customer interface for placing orders to your branded store front and to be updated

is the seller s interface to manage the store front from his mobile

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